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Anal Sexs Toys

Anal Sex Toys from Butt Plugs to Anal Beads Anal Probes theres surely an Anal Toy for your pleasures.

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nokta sex shop
Anal Toys can really spice up your sex life, choose Anal Sex Toys from Butt Plugs to Anal Beads & Anal Probes there’s surely an Anal Toy for your pleasures. Whether you are a novice looking for a beginners toy or you are the more experienced anal pleasure seeker we have a vast range of Anal Products to cover everybody’s needs. 

Anal Lube

Anal Lube will make those Anal Encounters more comfortable and pleasurable. As this type of lube is thick and slick you can enjoy anal sex without pain and discomfort. Add plenty of lubricant to yours or your partners body and get ready for amazing anal sex. Lube is a must have if you like indulging in Anal Play. Whether your new to Anal or your more experienced we have a range of lubricants to choose, from Oil-Based to Water-Based and Silicone types. Take your pick and get ready for some Back Door Action like never before. All our Lubricants are delivered in plain packaging for your privacy.

Anal Vibrators

Anal Vibrators send amazing sensations throughout your Anus for intense Orgasms. These Anal Vibes are shaped to fit comfortably and safely whilst being used during Anal Play and can be used by men or women. You’re sure to feel fully satisfied when using an Anal Vibrator. Browse our Vibrating Anal Sex Toys from Vibrating Butt Plugs to Prostate Massagers and more. Experience Back Door Pleasures like never before with a Vibrating Anal Toy from

Large Butt Plugs

Large Butt Plugs are great for the more experienced, veteran anal users. These pleasure seekers have usually worked their way up from the small butt plugs to the bigger sized butt plugs. Browse our great range of Big Butt Plugs and choose the one that is suitable for your anal pleasures. Some of these Anal Plugs come in a textured finish while others come with a smooth finish. They are often tapered at the tip and some of them have a suction cupped base which can be stuck to most flat surfaces for hands free fun. We offer worldwide, discreet delivery on all Large Anal Plugs,

Anal Douches & Enemas

Anal Douches & Enemas are a must have essential to keep your anal sex clean, safe and fun. Buy Anal Douche and Enema cleansing products and add some fun and confidence to your anal sex. Surely the only thing you want dirty is your mind and not your anus, browse our great range of cleansing and hygiene products and keep it clean and safe.

Vibrating Butt Plugs

Vibrating Butt plugs offer the fulfilment of a standard butt plug but with the added vibrations and buzzing properties of a vibrator, so you get the best of both toys. Simply browse our great range of vibrating butt plugs and remote controlled types and use one for your intimate pleasures. A Vibrating Butt Plug is ideal for solo use or as a couple experiment with your pleasures and achieve those well deserved orgasms all vibrating toys are delivered discreetly.

Anal Beads

Anal Beads are a popular choice with most couples who enjoy anal sex play. Whether solo or as a couple there is surely an Anal Bead for you. As a novice or a veteran we have you covered. Most of these sex toy beads are tapered for easy insertion, they come in various materials and are often flared at the base for safety. Choose from silicone, plastic or metal. Start off small and work your way up to the larger ones, it is your choice and your pleasures.

Butt Plugs

Butt Plugs are a fantastic Sex Toy to ease you into Anal Sex. Alot of couples would use a Butt Plug before penetrative sex to make anal sex more comfortable and easier. You can also use an Anal Plug for solo purposes and your masturbation needs. We stock a huge range of Anal Plugs of different shapes, sizes, colours and materials ideally suited for beginners or the more experienced users. Choose from Silicone, Glass, Tail, Large, Small, Inflatable and Vibrating types and loads more. All of our Anal Plugs are packaged in plain packaging so your discretion is assured,

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  • Anal Sexs Toys

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